Computational Neuroscience Papers/Textbooks

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Written on March 23, 2021

Resources in computational/theoretical neuroscience that I have found particularly influential.

I have been asked a few times for resources that relate to the flavour of computational neuroscience I am excited about. Here is a list (last updated March 23rd, 2022):

Vector Symbolic Architectures - Representation Learning

Overview of VSAs and Hyper Dimensional Computing

More modern and deeper review of the power of VSAs

Plate PhD Thesis on Reduced Holographic Representations

How to Build a Brain

Predictive Coding, Free Energy Principle and the Bayesian Brain - Models of Cognition

Reviews on Bayesian brain

The brain and backprop

OG Predictive Coding in the visual cortex review

Friston Free Energy principle overview

Global Workspace Theory

Bioplausible Works

Awesome paper relating neural theory of representation to CNNs and brain recordings

Starting with a similarity matching objective function and using Langrangians can re write it as an online, local Hebbian learning algorithm that provably tiles the data manifold. I am working on followups to this.

Nice example of biological results relating to Gated Linear Networks, I have a project in mind relating this to an SDM variant

One of my favourite papers showing the sorts of mathematical theory / analysis we can apply to reasoning about brain connectivity. Relates to the cerebellum too.

Circuitry Perspectives

Looking at the cerebellar circuitry and trying to relate its exact combination of excitation, inhbition and learning rules to different functions it can perform. Very well written

Theories of the circuitry and computational capabilities of the Basal Ganglia circuitry


Principles of Neural Design